For only $35 a month, children sponsored through Haitian Christian Ministries receive a nationally recognized Christian education, a daily hot meal, access to the medical clinic, mentoring through the Pillatre Christian Church and above all else... hope..


For $35 per month , your sponsored child receives:


Christian Education

Daily hot lunch

Worm Medicine

Access to  Medical Clinic

A multi-vitamin each day they are in school (grade school only)

Mentoring by leaders of the church

Above all... Hope


Child sponsorship provides hope and a future for students at the HCM schools at Pillatre, Lory, and Haut Dienne.  Many times the hot meal that students receive at school is the only meal they receive in their day.  The ability to visit the medical clinic at no charge to the student can be truly life saving.  You as a sponsor will receive a monthly newsletter from HCM with updates about our 3 schools, our 8 churches and the medical clinic, with specific prayer requests from Pastor Bob, our in Country Field Director and Lead Pastor of Pillatre Christian Church.   For just over one dollar a day you can have a life changing effect on a student in Haiti.   Please help us get 100% of our over 1,600 students sponsored in Northern Haiti.  




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