For only $35 a month, children sponsored through Haitian Christian Ministries receive a nationally recognized Christian education, uniforms, a daily hot meal and vitamins, access to the medical clinic, mentoring through the Pillatre Christian Church and above all else... hope..


Each child has only one sponsor, so they become an extended part of your family. Your family can one day meet your child and their family face to face on a short term trip. 


For $35 per month , your sponsored child receives:


Christian Education

A School Uniform

School Supplies

Daily hot lunch

Worm Medicine

A multi-vitamin 3  times a week

Access to School Nurse and Medical Clinic

Mentoring by Pillatre Chrisitan Church

Above all... Hope


You will receive an annual school picture and letter from your sponsored child. Sponsors also receive a monthly newsletter from Haitian Christian Ministries updating them on current news about the ministry.  Once a year your sponsored child will send you a picture they have colored in class if they are one of the younger children or a personal letter from the older students.  You can also send letters, photos, and small gifts to your children at Christmas.




If you are looking to setup payment for sponsorship, please utilize the Dontate Now option on