Pastor Bob


Bobanoit Lucceus (Pastor Bob) is the Senior Pastor at Pillatre Christian Church (2015 to present) and the Executive Field Director of Haitian Christian Ministries (2017 to present). He has passion for preaching, teaching, leading change, working with the absolute poor, planting churches and empowering people. 


Pastor Bob has a Bachelor degree in Theology at Northern Haiti Christian University and completed his Master of Arts in Organization Leadership at Azusa Pacific University in 2013 and currently enrolled as PhD student at Johnson University.


He also serves on the staff at Northern Haiti Christian University and teaches the “Art of Preaching and Christian Leadership Principles” at Emmaus Biblical Seminary in Northern Haiti. Pastor Bob founded a youth program at Northern Haitian Christian University, where he has led over 300 Haitian students to the Youth Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York.


Pastor Bob has received leadership training in both the US and Europe and has extensive experience in working with US NGO’s.  Prior to his role with Haitian Christian Ministries, he worked for two years as Project Developer Partnership Haiti at “Bright Hope International”, where his role was to write projects for schools, provide loans, and provide training for church members.   He also served as consultant for three years at “Children Place International’, where his primary job was to develop a civic leadership program and an afterschool program for kids from vulnerable parents living with AIDS. He also has a significant experience in translating documents and interpreting with USAID, World Vision and Oxfam.


He was born in 1977 and raised in a Christian family of six children. He became a believer in 1993, since that time he had a personal relationship with the Lord and offered his talents for God’s work and kingdom. He entered into discipleship, began studying the Bible and later on, he became the youth leader in his church. 


Pastor Bob married his wife Rose-Mika in 2008 and now are a family of five - two sons: Bob-Calvin, Bob-Martin and one daughter: Rose-Zayra.