Pastor Bob


Pastor Bobanoit Lucceus is the lead pastor at Pillatre and Executive Field Director of HCM. We are blessed to have him as a leader at HCM and wanted to provide some insight into the man many know as Pastor Bob.


HCM: Tell us about your family:
“I have been married now for 8 years to my wife Rose‐Mika­Fable. We were married on December 20th. Currently we are a family of 5 as we have two boys, Calvin is 6 and Martin is 3, and 1 girl, Zayra 1."


“Rose-­Mika loves her kids and teaches them God’s word. She studied English for two years at UCNH (North Haiti Christian University) and she was selected by the board of UCNH to attend the Ecumenical Youth Leadership Training in Switzerland (Geneva) in 2011. She also attended the Annual Youth Assembly at the UN Headquarters in August 2012 and she finally graduated with her degree in business administration in June 2015.”


HCM: What is your personal story?

“I was born in 1977 and was raised in a Christian family of six children at Passe Reine, a section of Gonaives. My dream was to become a Christian theologian and transformational leader, which may appear to be opposites to some people. One of the famous theologians who influenced my life is the great and famous Reformer of Geneva, John Calvin. In 1995, I attended my first English class with some American Soldiers. In 1998, I undertook a great deal of activities at church and in the community such as playing music in different bands at Church, presiding over the Haitian clubs and taking part in some Community development groups. After the death of my mother in 1999, I started to teach English as a foreign language and the money from teaching led me back to school. I finished high school in Gonaives very late due to some family issues. In 2003 after completing high school, I went to Limbe at “North Haiti Christian University” (UCNH) to study theology. In 2006, I was selected by the board of the University to attend a Youth Leadership Conference in Switzerland. After my graduation from UCNH in 2007, I was asked to become an assistant English Professor at North Haiti Christian University. Later on in 2008, I had a two-­‐year contract with Bright Hope International as reporter and Developer Project Partnership for Haiti.”


“As the saying goes: "the stronger the foundation, the higher the house built". Because I am called to serve the community, I recognized that I needed to be more equipped to serve it effectively. In February 2009, I sent a request scholarship to the UCNH board for a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership at Azusa Pacific University (APU) and I was approved. My first course, ‘The Servant Leader’ transformed me in a profound way. In August 2009, after participating in the Millennium Development Goals Conference at UN Headquarters in New York, I founded “UCNH at UN”. From that time, I decided to bring students to New York City to attend the Annual Youth Assembly at UN Headquarters (in the summer and the winter).”


“Once my contract was finished with Bright Hope International in 2010, I signed a contract with ‘Children Place International’ as a consultant. I still worked on the side doing contract work with USAID, World Vision and Oxfam which included translation, (continued of next page) document filing, consulting and teaching English. I was elected President of the UCNH Alumni Assembly in November 2012 and I was given the opportunity to be the head of the English Department at UCNH. At about the same time, I became the Associate Pastor at the Christian Church of Pillatre. After Pastor Manno’s death, the board named me Senior Pastor. I know it’s not an easy job, but I believe that when God calls, He provides and equips. ‘I can do everything through him who gives me strength’. Phil. 4:13 This new season can be scary and can make me nervous at times, but I am certain that God has called me to this. I can also be sure that He’s going to equip me to carry out all He has planned for me!”


HCM: Tell us about your walk with God

“I have been a believer since 1993, when I went to a revival with some friends and members of my family in my hometown of Gonaives. After having been touched by a message entitled “Be Born Again” (John 3), I decided to follow Jesus. Then I submitted to baptism, entered into discipleship, began studying the Bible, attending the services at church regularly and was the youth president for six years. Since that time I have had a personal relationship with the Lord and offer my talents for His service and the community. God never takes His hand off of me. He never stops wooing me and reminding me that I am His. He sends people and circumstances into my life and draws me back to the place where I belong, into a walk of obedience and faith. I am glad to be anointed by God to do His work.”


HCM: How can supporters of HCM pray for you during this time?

“First and foremost, I would like for the supporters of HCM to pray that I may be able to capture and facilitate the vision that God gave to Pastor Manno for the ministry. I would also like to request prayers for the following:”

  •  For the spirit of discernment to know what God wants in the present
  •  For support of the Laguerre family during this time of transition
  •  For God's light and wisdom to lead the God’s people at Pillatre Church
  •  To accept the will of God 



Pastor Bob is also busy pursuing his PhD at Johnson University. He is a firm believer in the training up tomorrow’s leaders as he is both a volunteer for bringing the Global Leadership Summit to Haiti and bringing Haitian youth to the United Nations with North Haiti Christian University.