The Pillatre campus is located just outside Cap-Haitian Haiti on the Northern coast. It is the primary ministry center for HCM. On this campus lies the Pillatre Christian Church, the Pillatre Medical Center and the Pillatre School.

Pastor Bobanoit Lucceus leads the Pillatre Church along with his wife Rose. 


















Medical Center

The Pillatre medical center has been a beacon of hope for the area surrounding Pillatre since 2001. Providing routine medical assistance all the way up to surgeries, this simple facility will see hundreds of Haitians each year. Up to 6 medical teams from the US will travel to Pillatre each year to help Haitian Doctors and Nurses.

Medical Center Medical Center Waiting Area

Pillatre School

The school at Pillatre has over 1500 students enrolled in grades pre-school through high school. Younger students attend in the morning and older students attend in the afternoon. As part of their education, they learn basic subjects just like students in the US such as reading, writing, math, and science. 


Classroom at PillatreLittle ones changing classrooms


Also, as part of attending the school, they receive a nutrious meal. This may be their only meal of the day. The meal is served in what was the original church building and was expanded in late 2015 to upgrade the kitchen.

Kitchen areaDining Hall