Early in January 2017, Pastor Bob sat down with two Theology students (Joane a fourth-year theology student at Emmaus Biblical Seminary and Phito a fourth-year theology student at North Haiti Christian University) in order to inspire them with the three main focuses of HCM:  Preaching and Teaching God’s Word, Planting Churches and Meeting the Physical Needs of the People. To start with this campaign of evangelization, each of them has chosen an area to make disciples.



On January 11th, Phito and Willeme, a Deacon at the Pillatre Christian Church and school teacher, went to Haut-Dehaine, a small and poor village of 2000 inhabitants at Camp-Louis (the first section of “Acul du Nord”). During the first day at Haut-Dehaine, three young men accepted Christ and around fifteen people who had previously abandoned church came back to Christ. On the second visit on January 20th, two other young men came to Christ and another fifteen who previously abandoned church came back to Him as well. During the third visit, Pastor Bob, Geneus Janvier (president of the Church committee), Ricardo (Pillatre church secretary), and Edson (second-year Theology student at Emmaus) joined Willeme and Phito. Pastor Bob was surprised to see more than one-hundred people attend this gathering. During that day, five young kids accepted Christ and nine other adults came back to Christ. Pastor Bob talked about the importance of being born again and the vision of HCM to bring more people to the Kingdom of God.  As the executive members, Pastor Bob and Pastor Jacques from Lory decided to accompany Phito alongside the way and worked on a plan to disciple the new believers at Haut-Dehaine. There is now a Bible study every Wednesday at 4:30 PM and a short service on every Sunday afternoon at 4:30 PM to keep the new believers in training and get ready to be baptized soon.  

In the first week of February, one of the new believers offered his land temporarily to build a tent to gather and worship. Since that time they started collecting trees from their gardens to start building the tent. The numbers of the people are increasing day by day. There are currently 147 who are really motivated to serve Christ and need a place to worship.



June 2017 has been a very exciting month as two major events have occured. First, and most importantly, the land has been acquired and is now officially owned by the church at Haut-dehaine. This is truly a Praise God moment as this chuch has quickly come together.

Second, the well has been installed. It is such an important physical need met to have fresh water available to the community and to have it at the church.


December 2017

Here is the church now, complete with a roof and benches!

October 2018

May 2020




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