Our History

In 1979 Pastor Emmanuel Laguerre (Pastor Manno) arrived at Johnson Bible College with a desire to study preaching and then return home to invest in his people. His passion only grew with time.  In his final year in the States, Pastor Manno worked with a collection of small local churches to launch Haitian Christian Ministries. True to his word, 5 years after his arrival, Manno was ready to go home. He had his preaching degree in one hand and his family in the other.  Over the next 30 years God would honor the faithful prayers of Manno multiplying both the ministry of HCM and it's impact in Northern Haiti. Below are some of the historical milestones HCM has celebrated over the years.


2018: Difou church added
August 2018

Difou Becomes the Fourth Church of Haitian Christian Ministries.

2017: Church plant started in Haut-Dehaine
January 2017

Pastor Bob and Pastor Jacques plant new church at Haut-Dehaine. Within a month, there are nearly 150 attendees with many giving their life to Christ.

2017: Discipleship at Parious
October 2017

HCM continues to believe in Planting new churches in Northern Haiti. Parious is selected as the next area chosen to work on planting a new church.

2015: Associate Pastor Bobanoit Lucceus is named Senior Pastor of the Pillatre Church
Spring 2015

Early in the Spring of 2015, Associate Pastor Bobanoit Lucceus who worked along side Pastor Manno for 3 years, became the new Senior Pastor of Pillatre Christian Church.


2015: Pastor and Executive Field Director Emmanuel Laguerre is called Home by the Lord
February 23, 2015

After a brief illiness, Pastor and co-founder of Haitian Christian Ministries, Emmanuel Laguerre,  was called Home to receive his Eternal Reward.

2015: HCM Celebrates 30 Years of Ministry
January 11, 2015

On January 11, 2015 people gathered from all over to celebrate 30 years of ministry for HCM. Over the past 3 decades, God has been faithful to multiply the influence and impact of HCM. We celebrate the incredible impact that has been, and will continue to be made in Pillatre. For those whose hearts have been captured by Pastor Manno, the ministry of HCM and the people of Haiti join us in celebrating!

2010: 25th Celebration and Historic Earthquake

In January of 2010, 1,500 people gathered together to celebrate the ministry impact of HCM. Over the past 25 years, God had grown the ministry in miraculous ways and used HCM to transform the community. The day was filled with prayers, praise, children's music and skits, appearances by the local government and many supporters from America. It was a day filled with celebration and thanksgiving.


Two days after the 25th anniversary celebration Haiti was decimated by a historic earthquake. By God's grace, the Pillatre campus was unharmed but several of the celebration attendees lost their lives after traveling back to Port Au Prince after the celebration. Pastor Manno and the ministry of HCM would serve as first responders in the North by offering families, friends and unknown travelers shelter, food, clothing and medical care. Over the coming months, Pastor Manno would help coordinate relief efforts with our ministries in the North and Port Au Prince.

2010: Pillatre Church Expansion

The Pillatre church originally met in the multi-purpose building. As the church grew, the ministry realized the need for an expanded church facility. Plans were prayerfully engineered by EMI to construct a new church facility more than quadrupling the space of the multi-purpose building. Ground was broken and the church dedicated in January of 2010 at the 25th anniversary celebration of the ministry.

2010: Welcome Home Haiti is Launched

In 2010, Welcome Home Haiti was launched. Welcome Home Haiti is a ministry branch of HCM that serves to build safe and sanitary homes for the poorest families in the Pillatre Christian Church. Families are nominated and approved by a Haitian board comprised of local church leaders. To date, Welcome Home Haiti has built 75 houses in 7 years. These families are adopted by Churches, small groups and individuals for sponsorship. To learn more click here.

2004: Pastor Jacques Named Senior Pastor at Lory

2002: Lory Church Plant Started
2001: The Medical Clinic is Launched

In 2001 the constuction of the medical clinic is completed. Today, the clinic is fully staffed with Haitian medical professionals that work with patients of all ages. This clinic sees hundreds of patients each week and hands out hygiene kits to the community. HCM has 6 medical teams from America throughout the year that work alongside the Haitian staff at the clinic.

2001 - 2009: School Expansion

As the Pillatre school continued to grow over so did the need for additional classroom space. Over the next 8 years, 10 stand alone classrooms would be built and the school would expand. These classrooms have provided the necessary space for growth as the school would eventually grow to 1,450 students.

1999: Breaking Ground on the Medical Clinic

Plans are developed and ground broke for a comprehensive medical clinic offering medical services to the community of Pillatre and beyond.

1989: The Arrival of Teams

 Teams begin consistently arriving from supporting churches in Indiana, Illinois and Kansas. These teams camp at the Pillatre campus. They cook for themselves, sleep on picnic tables in the multi-purpose building and take bucket showers with water from the well. The ministry of HCM grows as well as the supporters from across the United States.

1987 - 1988: A School Building is Born



Shortly after the completion of the multi-purpose building HCM was ready to break ground on a new 2 story school building. This building would one day house the entire High School and computer training center.

1986: Breaking Ground

HCM was finally ready to break ground on the Pillatre campus. Plans were developed and ground broken for a new multi-purpose building that would serve as school, church, dormitory, cafeteria and much more. This building would serve as the hub of the Pillatre campus for many more years and serve as a source of hope in what the future held.

1985: Fresh Water


A major breakthrough for HCM and the Pillatre property. A fresh water well is dug providing clean drinking water for the community and for the HCM ministry center. This living water was a representation of the living water HCM would introduce through Christ to the community.

1984: Manno returns to Haiti

Manno returned to Haiti in 1984. The ministry had just purchased the Pillatre property. The property had no buildings on it. HCM consisted of a school with 25 students and one teacher and 20 people meeting under a mango tree for church.

1983: HCM founded in Knoxville, TN

During his last full year in the United States Manno worked with several small churches tucked alongside the foothills of the Smokey Mountains to found Haitian Christian Ministries. This new ministry was founded in Knoxville, TN prior to Manno returning to Haiti.

1980 - 1984: Manno arrives at Johnson Bible College

After many heartfelt conversations, prayers and planning... Manno arrives at Johnson University (Johnson Bible College). His desire, to earn a degree in preaching and return home to serve his people. Over the course of the next four years Manno would do just that.