Longes (Longues) is a remote area about a 20 minute drive from Rivière Sable. There is no school or medical clinic there. There are about 100 families living there. The relationship began with Pastor Phida (Difou) and Pastor Jacquesene (Jacsene), both students who graduated from Emmaus University, being led by the Holy Spirit to visit this area. When they first went to the area, they discovered that there was no one there who knew Jesus. The people in the community did not want to hear about Jesus at all. Most of their time was spent practicing voodoo and cockfighting. This did not stop Phida and Jacquesene from continuing to visit the people in the community. After several weeks of visiting, some families were open to hearing the living word of God and the first person accepted Christ, with 3 others following soon after. It was not easy, but the Spirit of God encouraged them to keep evangelizing this poor community for Him. Within a few months, God worked on the hearts of those in the community and continued to bring more and more souls to Him. Praise God! Now there are more than 25 believers attending this church. This church which started with an official service on the 23rd of December 2018, is now a growing beacon of Hope.




Pastor Jacsene and his wife.