Difou is our newest church addition to Haitian Christian Ministries and is our fourth church!


Difou is currently lead by Pastor Noseben and his wife Phida. The church began with Phida while she was a student at Emmaus Biblical Seminary. EBS has been equipping pastors for many years to evangelize in areas that do not have church. As they were evangelizing at Fev, they were told about a nearby place that also needed to hear the good news. Phida discovered that this area called Difou had no church and the people were interested in witch doctor activities and voodoo. After several weeks of evangelizing, more and more people kept coming and listening to God's word. People stopped doing voodoo activities and instead went to a bible study Phida started. With no church building, they started at someone's house. Eventually they outgrew the house and had to find a larger location. Difou had been a place where there were a lot of witch doctors practicing voodoo. Since the church has been planted, so many have left these kind of voodoo activities to go to church. The situation has changed and the people don't practice voodoo anymore. Now the church has 150 members attending the 2 services they offer each Sunday. The number of people attending continues to grow. There are 14 people who accepted Jesus so far this year. The church that started at someone’s house, then transitioned to a couple of tents, now has a roofed structure.


The church is thriving with plans to plant another church further into the nearby unreached areas. Right now the church has a need for hymns, Bibles, and wooden pews (so that attendees do not have to bring their own chairs to sit). If you would like to support Difou, you can give here and designate funds to meeting their needs.