Rivière Sable

Pastor Geneus, who used to be the pharmacist in the clinic and now works as the Chaplin at Pillatre Christian School, has started a church at Rivere Sable after feeling a call to tell this community about Jesus. His first building was located right next to a witchdoctor’s home. At first, the witchdoctor gave him much trouble but as the church grew and people came to know the Lord, the witchdoctor no longer wanted to be in the community and asked Geneus to buy his land. The new church will be located directly on top of the site where the witchdoctor used his magic to treat patients. What an amazing God story! Geneus and his wife, Rosianne,  started in this location because there were so many orphans in the community. They started by feeding them a meal every day out of their own money and started teaching them in a school. They asked the community to house them, provide shelter, and love for them. Each child sleeps in a different home at night. From providing care to the orphans, he felt the call to start a church. He has an amazing vision for the future. Please pray for him as he lives his life totally surrendered to the Lord. His church now has 275 people who attend and most of them are young people, teenagers, and young adults.