November Newsletter Issue 11
Published: December 15, 2016 by: Rick White


Bringing Light to Northern Haiti

Preaching and Teaching the Word of God

Haitian Christian Ministries

2016 Issue 11


Impacted by Hurricane Matthew

Our Haitian brothers and sisters showed God’s love to the community of Les Cayes recently as they travelled to a town impacted by Hurricane Matthew.

Pastor Bob and Pastor Jacques presented the need to their churches and developed a plan to feed around 400 families and distribute some essential supplies. Haitian Christian Ministries sent $3,700 to support this outreach effort and the two churches also committed money to the cause.

On Monday, October 31 the churches met and purchased the items and began assembling bags. On Wednesday of that week, members of the churches met at 2am to load bags on the bus before leaving for Les Cayes. This was a 12 hour bus drive. Bags were handed out and God’s word and love were shared, The team returned to Northern Haiti as there was no place to stay in these devastated areas.

Please continue to pray for the people of Les Cayes and praise God for the servant hearts of our Haitian friends!

Heavy Rains Impact Northern


The last several days of October and first week of November saw record heavy rains in Northern Haiti. This has impacted the people as roads have been impassable at times, resulting in a lack of food availability, etc. Please pray for the rains to subside and that the impact of the rains is minimized.

Child Sponsorship Photo Trip a Success

Thanks to Child Sponsorship Director Donna McCall for this update.

We arrived in Haiti on Monday afternoon October 17th. We were able to take photos Tuesday and Wednesday. Jaimie and Casey translated the 5th and 6th grade letters on Wednesday morning. One class of 5th graders wrote in English this year. What a blessing that was. It was perfect weather for taking the photos on Tuesday. It was overcast so no problems with sun and shadows . In the past we have had to move to a different spot in the afternoon but this year we took all the photos in the same spot. There are 796 grade school children and 743 high school students. This year we had more absences than in previous years so those numbers may not be correct. We collected most of the grade school colored pictures and letters and got those alphabetized in the evenings. Within the next few weeks we will get the new photos, colored pictures and letters to the sponsors.




«City» «ZIP»

This year our team decided to build a WHH house while we were there so on Wednesday afternoon we painted the house for the Ambroise family. Thursday morning we made the furniture with lots of help from the WHH crew. Thursday afternoon we decorated the house and had the dedication. This is always a special time for the team as well as the new homeowner. Our senior pastor has sponsored Marc Darly for 8 years so it was the likely choice for us to build the house for his family.

As you can see, the Pillatre school continues to grow by God’s grace. The school is the highest rated in Northern Haiti and is raising up the future leaders of the church and the community by providing a quality Christian based education. Currently 91% of grade school is sponsored and 55% of high school. Several churches are having sponsorship drives in the next few months so those numbers will change.

 Continue your current levels of child sponsorship.

 Increase your monthly sponsorship amount to $30 if you have not done so yet.

 Sponsor a child if you currently are not or sponsor an additional child.

 Ask 5 of your friends to sponsor one of the children for $30.00 per month