HCM December Newsletter Issue 12
Published: December 15, 2016 by: Rick White



Bringing Light to Northern Haiti

Preaching and Teaching the Word of God

Haitian Christian Ministries

2016 Issue 12


Eastview Team Leads Family Conference

Thanks to the Jack Patterson family for this trip recap

Rain, rain, and more rain! Haiti was getting more rain than it had in years and years and our November HCM team was headed that way. The rains caused widespread damage – flooding homes and many roads were impassable. It reminded the team even more how hard life is in this country, and how incredibly resilient the Haitian people are.

When we arrived on Friday afternoon it was still raining and it continued all day Saturday as we prepared for our week. We prayed for God’s will to be done – rain or no rain. Thankfully, we were able to do everything we planned to do. God is so good!

On Sunday, we had a brief morning shower, but it was dry the rest of the day and the following day - what a huge praise! We started with a church service at Pillatre. Much of the team taught Sunday school, which included acting out the Daniel & the Lions’ Den story. The kids made lion masks that they could take home in hopes they would share the story with others in their community. In the afternoon, we had a family conference at Pillatre where over 250 families came to hear a message on the value of children and marriage. We took family photos (which we printed and put in frames to hand them that afternoon), played games, and handed out treat bags and rice and beans. What a humbling experience to watch families stand in line for 45 minutes just to receive a bag of rice and beans.

Our next day was emotionally draining, yet so inspiring and hopeful. We started at Emmaus Biblical Seminary where we met Matt Ayars, President of the seminary. We drove deep into a rural area, then walked a couple miles through rough terrain and waded through streams to a community called Difou. This is an area where many have never seen white people before – so surreal!! We were able to visit their new church (and by church, we mean tent) and encouraged the people by sharing God’s love. We also gave away rice & beans until we ran out. We then drove to another new church plant in Fev. There, we had VBS for about 100 kids from the community. In addition, the team visited homes, prayed with the families, and gave out more rice and beans. We prayed with countless people with mud floors, leaking roofs, and little to no food. They have such horrible living conditions, but yet they endure. What an unforgettable day for us all.

While we had a less busy official schedule on Tuesday, it was very full emotionally. At Pillatre, we started with handing out the gifts from sponsors back home to the children they sponsor. It was especially sweet to see members of our team who started sponsoring children last year get to reconnect with them. Then we went out on a prayer walk with Pastor Bob and a couple other church members to encourage and pray with people from the community close by. They showed us their living conditions and we prayed for them, giving them rice and beans. We already knew their houses were poorly constructed, but with all the rain they've had it was overwhelming to see how they lived. We ended our time at Pillatre by sharing the lessons and resources we brought for the Sunday school teachers to assist them with teaching the children about Jesus.

The following morning brought more rain, but we still went to visit an orphanage. We were greeted by about 30 children under the age of eight cheering for us as we arrived. They melted our hearts! Geneus Janvier and his wife, Rosiane, started the orphanage because they felt God calling them to take care of these children. Our team was able to provide them with gift bags, clothing, a cooking pot, and rice and beans. What a special time with those precious children!! In the afternoon we went to the church in Lory. We did a similar family conference as we did at Pillatre. We had over 100 kids and 50 women at the conference. We were especially grateful to be able to even GET there as the flooding had been severe in this community. When we first arrived in Haiti, the road to Lory was completely flooded and no one could get there. God answered our prayers.

Lory Medical Building Nearing Full Funding

Thanks to your generosity, over 75% of the funds needed to complete the Lory Medical Building have been raised. As you consider your end of year giving, prayerfully considering being a part of this exciting time in the ministry. As we near full funding, needs for a well ($4,500) and hospital beds ($800) still exist. If you would like to be a part of this, please contact HCM Forwarding Agent Tom Moss using the information on the front page.

Important News Regarding January Newsletter

In late January, HCM will send out 2016 end of year giving statements. There will not be a January 2017 newsletter. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.