Haitian Christian Ministries Newsletter
Published: July 11, 2016 by: Rick White






Medical Team Serves the Pillatre and Lory


Thanks to Todd Wilcox for providing this recap and the photos.

On June 3, our team of 20 from Eastview Christian Church left Bloomington-Normal for Cap Haitian, Haiti. The team consisted of four doctors, five nurses, one police officer, and nine non-medical personnel. We hit the ground running on Saturday, unpacking five crates we had sent down in early May; full of medicine, medical supplies, and personal hygiene items to hand out to patients at the clinics. What a joy it was to worship with our Haitian brothers and sisters at the church in Pillatre on Sunday morning.

The size of our team allowed us to split each day and go to two separate locations. We were all so

blessed to work alongside Pastor Jacques and his team at the church in Lory. We were able to create three make shift exam stations with pews in the church, and saw over 400 patients providing medicines and hygiene kits to all. We also had team members each day working alongside the staff at the clinic in Pillatre, where the doctors were able to perform over 80 surgical procedures during the week.

At the clinic we also had three exam rooms, a full pharmacy, along with the operating room to see over 600 patients for the week. Our team was so thankful to Judith and Julie for helping each day with the logistics for the teams and also acting as interpreters in both locations.

Dozens Baptized into the Faith During Week of Revival

From Pastor Bob of the Pillatre church…

? We had one week of spiritual revival from June 19th to the 24th. The theme was: "Be Grateful to God" (Ephesians 5:20). To prepare for this, personal invitations were made to other churches in the community. There was also discipleship throughout the week – from door to door. This spiritual awakening enabled the community to bring praises and thanks to God and had a chance to listen to some prodigious spiritual leaders from the northern area of Haiti.

? On Friday afternoon (July 24th), upon my recommendation, deacons of the church interviewed 48 candidates for baptism and 47 got baptized on Saturday afternoon. This was a great joy for them, their families, and also for the church to have a great number of new believers.

? On the 26th, there was a great worship service. The choirs of the church blessed everyone’s heart with their beautiful songs. We received a delegation from the Christian church of Lory and other delegations from other churches in the community. During this time, Christians at Pillatre expressed their gratitude to God by bringing together the produce from their gardens for his continued blessings.

A Special Announcement

Judith Laguerre, the daughter of Prisca Laguerre and the late HCM Founder Pastor Manno Laguerre, was married to Valery Mesidor last month in a beautiful ceremony at Villa Cana.

Congratulations to the bride and groom!