Haitian Christian Ministries Newsletter
Published: July 7, 2016 by: Rick White









"One Week, One Community, One Church" Week

of Revival Set for Pillatre Church


Pastor Bob at the Pillatre church has asked us to share this message with all of HCM’s partners and sponsors.

"I am glad to announce that there will be a great week of Spiritual Awakening at Pillatre Christian Church from June 19th to the 24th. This spiritual awakening will enable the community (choirs from other churches) to bring praises and thanks to God and they will have a chance to listen to some prodigious spiritual leaders from the northern area of Haiti. The theme will be: "Be Grateful to God" (Ephesians 5:20). On the 26th, there will be a great worship service. During this time, Christians at Pillatre will express their gratitude to God by bringing together the produce from their gardens for his continued blessings."

Pre-Revival Activities:

? Personal invitations will be made to other churches in the community.

? Invitation letters will be sent to gather more people from the community.

? Discipleship throughout the week – from door to door.

Prayer Requests:

? For this week to be successful

? For the community to unite, practice forgiveness and love and grow spiritually

? For at least 50 people come to Christ during this week

? For people who show gratitude to God by bringing their offerings

? For leadership change after this revival

? For the preachers to show consistency in their message

? For 100 Bibles (Creole version) to share

? For adequate funds for this wonderful project

Please be in prayer for the Pillatre church and for Pastor Bob and the leaders of the ministry as they prepare for and lead this week of revival. If you would like to help with funding this event, contact Director of Development Rick White at [email protected] or at (480) 327-8516.

‘Devoted to Christ’ Outreach Ministry Serves Nearly 800 Haitian Prisoners

Judith Laguerre contributed to this article.

Devoted to Christ is a local outreach ministry at the Pillatre church that was started by church members to serve the very needy (the elderly in particular). Every Sunday they focus on feeding the elderly a hot breakfast. Because of the recent financial support that they have been receiving from Chandler Christian Church (Chandler, Arizona) on a monthly basis, they are able to do more when it comes to feeding the elderly on Sundays. Anything from a bowl of warm oatmeal to rice and beans has been a great treat for them lately. Recently Devoted to Christ was able to use the money received monthly to make a special visit to the prison in Cap Haitian to cook for the prisoners there. They served a warm meal to 777 Haitian prisoners and were able to show the prisoners the love of Jesus and share the Gospel with them.

Sponsored Children Update

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we received another 20 new child sponsorships in May. Please be praying for our ministry goal of 100 percent child sponsorship. If you would like to host a Sponsored Child event at your church or with your small group, please contact Child Sponsorship Director Donna McCall at (970) 389-0639 or at [email protected]