March, 2016 Newsletter, Issue 3
Published: March 24, 2016 by: Rick White

Three Teams Serving at Pillatre in the Same
This February 23rd marked the one year anniversary of Pastor Manno being called home. For the first time in HCM history, there were three different teams on the ground at that time serving the people of Pillatre and Northern Haiti. This a true testament to Manno’s work and legacy
Dillon Community Church Medical Team
Dillon Community Church from Colorado sent a medical team of 12 ( 1-doctor,
1-PA, 3-RNs, 1-CNA, 2- Pharmacists, and 4-great helpers) The team worked at
the clinic working alongside the Haitian clinic staff to treat approx 670 patients.
The Dillon team was in Haiti last year when Pastor
Manno passed away so the team had been
praying for a chance to return and support the
clinic. One of the highlights of the trip was
conducting a morning clinic at the Lory Church,
and then attending a lunch at Prisca's with the two
Welcome Home Haiti teams also at Pillatre.
The team was elated with the renovations at the
clinic, especially the new operating room light and
the fresh coat of paint in the exam rooms! Senior
Pastor Jim Howard of Dillon Community Church
(on his first trip to Haiti) loved being able to pray
for the patients as they waited to be seen.
Matthew 5:14-16 seemed to be the focus of the team as they spent time at
Pillatre, even the sermon given by Pastor Bob on Sunday referenced the same
Welcome Home Haiti Teams
Two teams were in Haiti completing and dedicating homes for Pillatre Church families during this time. There was a team from Eastview Christian Church completing a home for the Destin family. The other team was assembled by HCM Board Member and Forwarding Agent Tom Moss and was comprised of lawyers and claims specialists from his employer. This team was represented by people from different denominations from across the country. They dedicated a home to the Napolean family.
While there were logistical challenges with having
three different teams on the ground at the same
time, God accomplished everything He wanted to.
As the ministry continues to thrive, it is wonderful to
see our Haitian brothers and sisters and ministry
partners step up their efforts to build relationships
with short-term missionaries to Northern Haiti.
These homes were number 53 and 54 for
Welcome Home Haiti.
One of the best parts of traveling to Haiti with
Welcome Home Haiti is the house dedication. The
Moss team is shown here after the dedication with
the family. The bonds developed last a lifetime
and beyond.
Child Sponsorship Update
Thank you to those of you that answered the call in last month’s newsletter as we strive towards our
goal of 100% child sponsorship for the Pillatre school. There is still considerable need for additional
children to be sponsored so please prayerfully consider sponsoring an additional child, becoming a
Sponsored Child Ambassador, or challenging your local small group to sponsor children. As always,
please contact Child Sponsorship Director Donna McCall (contact information on the front page) with
any questions.