Haitian Christian Ministries Announcement
Published: February 23, 2015 by: Rick White

Haitian Christian Ministries Announcement


Haitian Christian Ministries Family,


It’s with broken hearts that the Board of Directors of HCM announce that Pastor Emmanuel (Manno) Laguerre passed away this afternoon (Mon. Feb 23, 2015) in Miami, FL.


Pastor Manno’s Health

In October of 2014, Pastor Manno suffered stroke like symptoms and was rushed to the States for further medical testing. The original diagnosis was cysticercosis, a parasitic infection. Pastor Manno was treated and then released back to Haiti in late November and was able to participate in HCM’s 30th anniversary celebration on January 11, 2015. A few weeks after the celebration, Pastor Manno suffered a relapse and was flown to the states again. Due to the severity of his re-lapse, Manno was checked into the Emergency Room in Miami, FL. After several days of testing, a new potential diagnosis emerged. Growths were found on Manno’s adrenal gland and on his lung. After further testing, there was some discussion that Manno might have had an aggressive malignant cancer which had metastasized and spread to his brain. It caused bleeding and swelling on his brain as well as other complications. An autopsy will help definitively conclude what happened. Ultimately, God called his faithful servant home today surrounded by his wife Prisca, and his three children Judith, Julie and Patrick.


Pastor Manno’s Memory

At the request of Pastor Manno’s wife Prisca, HCM will hold a small funeral service in Miami most likely on Saturday March 7th . Pastor Manno will be buried in Miami and following the service, the family will travel home to Haiti to conduct a celebration of life ceremony with the Pillatre Church and community.


Pastor Manno’s Legacy

Pastor Manno was founder and Executive Director of HCM since its inception in 1984. Over the course of 30 years, God used Pastor Manno to transform the lives of the Pillatre community and thousands of partners and supporters from around the world. His dependence upon God and his love for his people were evident to all and unparalleled. To read more about the story of HCM, please visit the history page on the HCM website.


Pastor Manno was a gifted visionary, leader, preacher, teacher, mentor and above all friend. He spend his life dedicated to spreading the gospel in northern Haiti and is now enjoying his eternal reward for a life of service and sacrifice. His impact on this world cannot be fully understood or appreciated this side of eternity.


Several years ago Manno was asked what success for HCM would look like in the future; his response was that success would be the ministry living on after he was gone. The Laguerre family and the HCM board believe God has called us to fulfill that vision. As we grieve his loss, the HCM Board of Directors are working closely with the Laguerre family and the pastoral leadership team in Haiti to execute our succession plan. In the coming days and months, we will honor Manno’s legacy while also recognizing that God is not finished impacting Northern Haiti through HCM. The Laguerre family and the HCM board humbly ask you to stand alongside us during this difficult seasons as we work to prayerfully implement our succession plan.


Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

The ministry is beginning to receive requests from partners wanting to help during this difficult season. The HCM Board has set up a new fund where donations in Pastor Manno’s memory can be made. The gifts received will be used in three distinct ways including the following:


  • A portion will be used to help cover the costs of Manno’s medical treatment and funeral services. 


  • A portion will be set aside for the ongoing care of Pastor Manno’s family as they continue to serve in the ministry. 


  • A scholarship fund will be set up to help future HCM preachers attend seminary in Haiti with the potential of planting future HCM churches.


For those interested, you may make a special memorial gift online at www.hcmin.org/give or by mailing a check with “Memorial Fund” in the memo to 1223 Joy Walk Way Normal, IL 61761.


Prayer Requests

We’re asking for a concentrated prayer effort from all HCM partners over the coming months. Please pray for healing for Manno’s family. Please pray for discernment and direction as the HCM Board works alongside the Haitian field leadership to execute a successful succession plan. Please pray for God to be glorified through this and for the next generation of identified leaders to carry HCM into the future. On behalf of the Laguerre Family and the HCM Board thank you for standing beside us during this difficult season.


To God be the Glory,

Tyler Hari HCM Board President